CQ: Summer is one of the best season for fashionlovers. Fashion trends feature fabrics in various color bringing life into fashion look. Now it's the time to update your look with 2011 Summer Fashion Trends that are easily incorporated into any wardrobe.

May is coming, so you don't have to worry about chilly days. Summer is close. You can feel it with your own eyes. Look out the window! The weather is getting better. In the past few days, the weather's been great, blue skies and sunny, with temperatures measuring close to 16 - 17 degrees celsius. 

You must be looking forward to what the summer will bring, and in this excitement, perhaps, you are making the summer wardrobe ready with new dresses. Yes, the time for summer clothes is getting closer. However, some of those things lurking in the back of your closet might no longer suffice if you want to keep up with 2010 summer trends. 

If you haven't started updating your wardrobe for summer yet, don't go shopping before you check out the following summer fashion trends for 2011



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