CQ: The internet is buzzing with new Websites for fashion lovers. These Websites showcase the best for less. Shoppers looking for overstock items and one-of-a-kind designer deals are in luck. Shop safely, securely and wisely for the latest shoes, handbags and designer fashion online.

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    Research the sample Websites. Search for reliable information. Look for a phone number and reputable contact information. Use product reviews to determine which online shopping destinations carry the best merchandise for your wallet. Great links to online sample Websites are listed in the Resources section.

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    Shop the first day and the first hours of the sale. As soon as you receive the email alert announcing the new merchandise, visit the sale Website immediately. Sales are usually on a first come, first served basis. Most sample sale shoppers get the best deals within the first few hours of the sale.

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    Do comparison shopping before you make a purchase. Open more than one window of your internet browser and search two or three sample sale Websites simultaneously. Some shopping sites will carry similar items, but the prices will vary. Save all of your items into your online shopping basket before you buy. Before you purchase an item, double check the price and the proper size of the item before you press the buy button.

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    Use coupon and free shipping codes. Search shopping search engines for coupon codes to get an extra discount before checkout. Type the words "coupon codes' and "free shipping codes" into your search engine to review Websites that compile discount codes for shoppers.

  • 5

    Pay for items with a credit card. Look for Better Business Bureau badges and other recognizable shopping icons to ensure your purchases are safe and secure. Write down or print your confirmation code and receipt after each transaction. Check with your credit card company's policies concerning online shopping before you make a purchase.

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    Review the payment and return policies thoroughly. Call customer service if there are questions before you buy. Make sure that you're absolutely in love with your purchase before your buy it. Sample sales prices are usually final.




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