CQ:Tips for buying clothing on-line. Buying clothing on-line can cause problems, in that you don't get a chance to try things on. Clothing is a very personal item, and not being sure about whether a style suits you or not makes it sense to buy in shops offline where you can try different styles and actually see how they flatter your shape, though there are tips that can help enormously in making a successful purchase online.1.Go for makes that you know. Here, I am not talking about designer labels. I am talking about trusted makes, ones that you are familiar with and can try on in shops. You can use your offline research of trying on goods to determine which good quality makes suit you, and then armed with the information of sizes, styles and makes, you cans search the Internet for exactly the item that you can buy in the shops at an advantageous price. I did this with a model of Wranglers that was not available any more in my local shops and not only found the right model, but found it at a staggering 20 dollars cheaper even taking into account the price of postage.

2.Size matters. Since many clothing shops on-line are in different countries, do be sure that the size you state is correct in the country where the website is based. Mistakes are easy to make and studying the differences between European and US standards can mean that you make a purchase with full knowledge of differences in size. Shoes are typical here, and when buying branded boots for my husband, I was careful to go to a size comparison site to check the width and fit of boots.

3.Price. Be careful here because the price of the goods may look advantageous, though the postage can make the price excessive. Be particularly careful on sites like eBay because sellers can exaggerate their postal prices, and once you have made a bid, you accept the price they quoted regardless of how appropriate their packing and postage price is. Checking first saves you the embarrassment of trying to haggle later, because sites won't haggle on price.

4.Quality. The quality of items is something you can only check offline. If you know the make and have seen the item in the shops, you overcome the disappointment of inferior quality. Knowing the quality of a maker really does help the internet experience enormously.

5.Site security. Always be aware of the site security on a site which asks you to pay with a credit card. Many are reliable, though there are sites that are less well equipped to deal with credit cards. Some that I have found have asked me for credit card details by email, and I am not comfortable with dealing with a company that cannot supply secure payment online.

6.Returns. Be sure that you understand the returns policy of a company before parting with your money and taking chances. Most clothing companies do not allow exchanges of goods which makes it even more important to do your research offline and only buy from reputable companies where disappointment will be minimized.

There are some gorgeous clothes on-line, though taking the precautions above will help you make successful purchases. There are designer clothes available from many websites, although you really do need to check for authenticity, because there are many that are cheap imitation. Be aware that designer goods demand designer prices, and if someone is offering you something cheap, there is usually a good reason.

Enjoy your time on-line, but use your offline time to help you make wise decisions to enhance your wardrobe without disappointment.



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